The Santiago Jr

Built to fit the width of your drawer.

narrow drawer insert narrow drawer insert

Product Details

The Santiago Jr is a custom-sized organizer for capable, budget-minded DIYers. Assembly required. Small parts. This unit was designed for flatware in narrow drawers, but may find other uses in your home. It creates tremendous value in your drawer by aiming to fill your drawer width, but not necessarily your drawer depth. This typically creates two more useful compartments fore and aft.

  • Currently only available in 2" height.
  • You decide the width (up to 12") and usable internal depth needed.
  • We'll size the organizer's total depth based on your longest utensil up to 14.5" in length.
  • If the depth goes over 10", we omit the dividers' scoops for strength reasons. Contact us after your order to over-ride these defaults one way or the other.
  • Our divider system allows adjustments of 1/2" and angling of dividers (see photo below)
  • Our sub-dividers allow you to control the length of the compartments made by the dividers.
  • We'll send a set of sub-dividers appropriate for your Santiago Jr size/spacing. (more below)
  • Attached bottom is optional and will add ~1/8" to the overall insert height.
  • Limited-time offer: order a Santiago Jr with a bottom and contact us after the order to request free assembly. You will receive your unit ready to drop into the drawer! Additional handling time of 5 days.
  • Comes with four wedges to lock it in place — no more sliding organizer!
  • Limit of one for new buyers of our acrylic you-assemble products. The assembly can be challenging and we want you to be happy with your purchase.
  • Ships in 8 business days.
Santiago Jr. with no mat
narrow kitchen drawer

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