The Santiago Jr

It started as a custom insert, built to fit the width of your drawer...

narrow drawer insert narrow drawer insert

Product Details

The Santiago Jr is a custom-sized, budget-friendly, feature-rich drawer insert. This organizer was designed for flatware in narrow drawers, but may find other uses in your home. It creates tremendous value in your drawer by aiming to fill your drawer width, but not necessarily your drawer depth. This typically creates two more useful compartments fore and aft.

Santiago Jr. with no mat
narrow kitchen drawer

...Then someone asked us to build a shoe organizer.

"Hmmm … could I use the Santiago Jr to do this?”

Turns out that … yup!

white custom sized acrylic shoe organizer

The key is that we're able to go up to 15" tall with these, unlike wood where we are limited to about 5" of height.

Then we realized it could be turned on its side to make a cabinet/shelf.

custom acrylic cabinet with adjustable shelves

"Wow. That would really give us more storage in that awful space under the sink."

how to organize beneath kitchen sink around plumbing

"Look! We can use a Santiago Jr for organizing our pile of pot lids."

organizing pot lids

"If it was taller and had holes in the side it would be a great caddy for our special jars."

custom caddy for Smuckers peanut butter jars

To get these handles added, just request them immediately after buying by responding to your purchase confirmation email.

acrylic custom carrying case with two-finger handle

"Debbie wants a spice insert."

spice insert holding Walmart Great Value bottles

Yup. That's just a Santiago Jr! The key for this is to order a height of 1.5" and plan the insert/caddy so that you can turn it 90 degrees in the drawer so that the dividers will be running side-to-side.

empty spice insert

So, it turns out this "drawer insert" can be used in many other ways. Here are some tips for using the Santiago Jr ordering process to get a non-drawer organizer:

I look forward to seeing your ideas on how to use this!

"I'm feeling like..."

"...I'm interested, but I'm not home right now."

"...this is risky."

"...I need to think more about this."