Design Your Santiago Jr Drawer Insert

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Movable Dividers included: NaN

Price: $10

As of mid January 2021, ships in up to 19 business days.

Why can't I uncheck the bottom option?

For strength reasons, we require your Santiago Jr to have a bottom if either the insert is wider than 12 inches or if it is taller than 5 inches.

Up to 19 business days to ship?? That means a long time to arrive! Can I get it quicker?

Yes, you can get it quicker if you are a capable DIYer.

After you place your order, we will send you a confirmation email. You should immediately reply to the email and ask to have your Santiago Jr sent to you directly from the laser cutter. It will be shipped about 11 business days earlier and you will have to assemble it yourself using instructions we will provide.

Otherwise, we will assemble it and ship it to you already made for no extra cost.

Warning: Assembly is difficult. Small parts, etc. If in doubt, we recommend you allow us to assemble for you.