About Acrylic

Is this a quality product?
Short answer: Yes. This is acrylic, a dense, high-grade plastic. Count on a lifespan of at least 20 years.

Actually, it's more likely to last a lifetime. Let me explain.

Plastic has a bad reputation for lack of durability, but you have to understand that there is a wide range within the category of plastic. At the upper end of the strength range, acrylic falls just below the density of polycarbonate, the plastic used to make bullet-proof glass. The lifespan of your drawer organizer is more likely to be a lifetime than 20 years, because it will likely be exposed to very little direct sunlight.

Still skeptical? Check out Elite Solar Lighting & Fans' response on this thread regarding skylights. In response to a homeowner who lumps all plastics together, several professionals speak up for the excellence of acrylic, and this skylight installer shows a picture of acrylic skylights that look and work great after 13 years of Arizona sun exposure and super-hot roof temperatures.

Will the acrylic yellow over time?
Short answer: Yellowing is not a problem.

Cheap plastics can yellow, turn brittle, and crack over time, especially if left in continual direct sunlight. Not so with acrylic. In fact, acrylic out-performs even polycarbonate (bullet-proof glass) in its resistance to yellowing. Wikipedia: “[Acrylic] is also highly resistant to weather damage; it does not easily turn yellow or crumble when exposed to sunlight and has been known to last over thirty years [in direct sunlight].”

Won't acrylic scratch easily?
Short Answer: It does scratch easily, but we’re only offering material/design combos that get around this problem.

Clear acrylic has a well-deserved reputation for looking like garbage after a few years of use around cutlery. This is why we use white (or some other color) acrylic for situations where the acrylic will have exposed faces (like a cutlery tray, where the broad surfaces of the walls and bottoms will show the scratches over the years...but only in clear acrylic). Scratches are almost invisible in white or colored acrylic.

Clear acrylic shows far less scratching in “edgeways” applications like the Santiago Knife Block, so we offer it there.

What we offer from OrderlyDrawer.com is going to look good for many years. If you want things that violate our sense of “scratch yuck”, you will need to make a special request (for a clear acrylic cutlery drawer insert, for example).

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