The Custom Jr.

Built to fit the width of your drawer.

narrow drawer insert narrow drawer insert

Product Details

The Custom Jr. is an ultra-slim, 2-inch tall flatware organizer. This unit was designed for flatware in narrow drawers. The Custom Jr. is unique in that it is meant to fill your drawer width, but not necessarily your drawer depth.

  • You decide the width (up to 16") and usable depth needed (up to 13").
  • We'll size the organizer's depth based on your longest utensil up to 13" in length.
  • You'll get the versatility of a traditional slot-and-divider system.
  • Movable dividers allow micro-adjustability to make the most of your space.
  • Attached wood bottom is optional and will add ~0.25" to the overall insert height.
  • This custom organizer comes with four wedges to lock it in place — no more sliding organizer!
Custom Jr. with red mat Custom Jr. insert close up
narrow kitchen drawer

"I can't measure my drawers right now."
"This feels risky. I might make a mistake."
"I need to think about this more."
"I like this but don't need it right now. But I don't want to forget that it exists!"