Santiago Custom Inserts

All the features of our classic maple inserts...and more.

Santiago Line acrylinc insert with integrated knife block
acrylic Custom Jr.

  • Choose to fill your drawer or go with our partial-drawer Santiago Custom Jr insert for greatest savings.
  • Slots for movable dividers will be spaced every 1/2". (Some images show wider spacing.)
  • Currently available in white acrylic.
  • Perimeter walls will be .25" thick. Internal fixed wall thickness can be .25" or .375". Movable divider thickness typically will be .125" but may be .25" for longer spans.
  • Washable
  • Ships fully assembled, ready to be placed in your drawer.
  • Idea: now that we can make small, inexpensive knife blocks that allow knife stacking, you can save space by sizing your utensil storage to your salad forks, rather than your butter knives. Put your butter and steak knives in a small knife block!

Info unique to the Santiago Custom (typically fills entire drawer)

Info unique to the Santiago Custom Jr (typically fills width of drawer but not the depth)