I Feel Overwhelmed!

"This is just too much to process..."

Maybe you will find this buyer's comment helpful:

"I was a bit intimidated by how complicated the process looked, but as I worked through the steps, I could see that you really have thought about the details a lot, and that, while it looks complicated at first, the goal was to simplify and make sure the organizer fits. So, I went ahead. I followed directions step by step. The process works! The first drawer is the hardest! After that, I had the hang of it!"

You can do this!

We've learned the hard way that, if we help people too much, they tend to be unhappy with the final result.

It's important for you to do the reading, measuring, and deciding in the design of your insert.

Often the biggest challenge is choosing a good template. (You make this decision on page 6 of the wizard.) This is the starting point for getting the layout you want.

If you have no idea what layout you want, sometimes it's best to get away from the computer screen and spend some time with your drawer and its contents.

Group similarly-sized items together. So, for example, one group may have 8-10" long utensils. Another group has 10-12" long utensils, and a third group has items less than 7" long.

Consider how you might be able to configure these different groups in your drawer.

Once you have an idea of what layout you want, make a little sketch. No need to get out the graph paper. Just free-hand it.

Now, take a look at our templates again and see if you see something that will work for you.

If you still don't see what you need, email your sketch to Bethany. (A picture of your drawer and it's contents would be helpful too!) She'll send you some suggestions.

Have a good verbal description of what you need? Send a message using the form below.

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