Frequently asked questions

What wood do you use?
We use maple for the knife block and Classic Custom inserts. For bottomed inserts, the bottom material is a cabinet-grade plywood. We use either birch or poplar core plywood with a birch or maple veneer.
Are your wood products finished?
Yes. Our maple Classic Custom has a clear finish. The maple knife block is finished with butcher block conditioner.
Should I get an attached bottom on my Classic Custom insert?
In some cases, it's simply a matter of preference. Some people find it easier to clean bottomless inserts and/or want to use a mat in their drawer. There are some instances in which we recommend attached wood bottoms.
  • If your drawer bottom is bowed/sagging, you need an attached bottom for your drawer insert. Check to see if your drawer bottom is bowed by using a tight string or a straight edge to test it.
  • If your drawer is large, we recommend that you put some weight in the drawer so that you know whether the bottom will actually remain flat when loaded. If not, we recommend adding an attached bottom.
  • Consider what you will be storing in your drawer organizer. Thin and/or very pointy utensils can be prone to getting wedged underneath a wall and/or movable divider. If you will be storing these types of items, an attached bottom can help.
How accurately are you able to make custom inserts?
We consider our work unsatisfactory if the insert's actual dimensions are not within +/- 1/16 inch (or 0.06 inch) of the dimensions on the shop drawing. (We'll send a shop drawing for your review after you place your order.)
How quickly do you ship custom orders?
As of late February 2021...
  • Maple Custom Inserts ship within 5 weeks.
  • Maple Tiered Knife Blocks ship within 6 weeks.
  • Acrylic Santiago Jr. Inserts ship within 19 business days.
  • Acrylic Cubby Grid Inserts ship within 7 business days.
What are the little clear acrylic pieces that came with my order?
Stepped wedges are included with bottomless custom inserts and Custom Jr. inserts. Use the wedges to keep Custom Jr. inserts from shifting in your drawer and to keep bottomless ones pinned to the drawer bottom. Here's how.
Do I need to use the wedges with my Custom insert? It's not shifting around in my drawer at all...
If you ordered a bottomless insert, the wedges will keep the insert pinned to the bottom of your drawer, preventing utensils from getting underneath the insert's frame.
Sometimes my knives or skewers get underneath a movable divider and push it up. Is there anything that can be done about this?
Wedge a wooden toothpick into the slot(s) at the end of (and in line with) the problem divider(s). Break it off flush with the top of the insert/divider. Usually that's enough to keep the dividers from wiggling up, and it's hardly noticeable.
Do you ship outside the US?
In addition to the US and Puerto Rico, we ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We may be open to shipping elsewhere. Drop us a line.