Maple Products

We can ship our maple custom inserts to Canada! You may check out as normal. We'll follow up within 2 business days with an extra shipping charge - which will typically be about 12% over the original shipping charge. We need to do this for a few reasons:

Customs/Brokerage Fees

Customs fees (and sometimes borkerage fees) will accompany a Canadian shipment and be charged at the time of delivery. We do not know the amount of these fees, and we do collect them. These fees are charged and collected by the carrier.

As of February 2015, we primarily ship via USPS/Canadian Post to avoid UPS's much higher brokerage fees. The shipping time is longer, but most customers appreciate the monetary savings over expediency.

Previously, we generally shipped via UPS Standard. But we've had multiple complaints over UPS's brokerage fees over which we have no control. In late November 2014, a Canadian customer reported that his customs/brokerage fees were so unexpectedly high as to make ordering additional products from us prohibitive.

I did some digging and found an informative article with helpful follow-up comments here. The gist is that shipping via UPS is a good choice in terms of timely transit, but UPS charges hefty brokerage fees upon delivery. It appears that these brokerage fees can be avoided for recipients who are willing to do some driving around and some extra paper work. To learn more, please study this page, and please let us know if we can be of assistance in this matter.

If you have a carrier preference, you can let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Laser-Cut Products

We hope to offer inexpensive shipping on our laser-cut items to buyers in Canada. As of late September 2014, however, we've had a hard time finding an economical way to do that. Currently, it would be less expensive for us (and you) for us to ship these products from the US. We're still exploring options...