Australia/New Zealand

We'll ship!

We shipped our first custom maple product to Australia on 4 June 2015. It was successfully delivered on 16 June 2015! We shipped via USPS International Priority Mail, and thanks to sharing between the US and Australian Post, we were able to track the package all the way to the recipient.

After this positive experience, we're ready to begin accepting Australian and New Zealand orders from our website.

There's a catch:

Once an order is placed, we'll follow up within 2 business days with an extra shipping charge - which will typically be about 12% over the original shipping charge. We need to do this for a few reasons:

Special Offer on Acrylic Cubby Grid Inserts

If your Australian or New Zealand order consists only of Cubby Grids, not only will there be no additional shipping fee, we'll refund part (at least 50%) of the shipping charge you paid when checking out.