About Us


Hi, I'm Nathan Harrison. I started this service with the help of my wife Bethany in 2008 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Here's how this all started: I was working as a cabinetmaker and a client wanted a special custom drawer organizer built for their kitchen. They had seen what they wanted in one of the big box stores, but the store only had the organizer in a few sizes. To get a custom fit, I built the client one of these organizers for a perfect fit. It looked wonderful, and the client was pleased.

About a month later, when I followed up with the client to make sure everything was still satisfactory, I was surprised to find him less than happy. The configuration of the compartments (designed by a leading cabinet manufacturer and sold by a leading home warehouse as their “top of the line” product) was not laid out well. And all compartments were the same width - too much room for many utensils, but not enough for others. I was told, “If you could find some way to make this thing adjustable, that would be great.”

So, to the drawing board and the shop I went. The Full-Drawer Custom Insert was born.

We have grown steadily over the years since, but we are still small, and we like it that way. The growth of our product line has been just like the way things started: someone like you will call or email and describe something you need.