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Position your internal walls

Drag the walls below to personalize the permanent layout of your grid.

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Design recommendation for avoiding "tails"

To avoid having long unsupported "tails" on the ends of the Cubby Grid, whenever possible, put larger cubbies toward the center of the grid where there is more support.

Instead of this...

Do this...

I want mine spaced evenly. How do I do that?

The walls are evenly spaced by default. If you dragged some walls and wish you hadn't, refresh the page to evenly space the walls again.

Other spacing options: You can move the horizontal walls to specific locations while leaving the vertical walls alone. Or vice versa. Or you could create a customized grid by moving each wall to make it "just so".

Cubby Grids are laser cut and...

Your cubby grid will be laser cut and may be shipped to you directly from the cutter.

“Peeling the adhesive backing from the Cubby Grid walls is a PAIN!”

Yes, we know. The industry-standard protective coatings on acrylic are very clingy. With some patience and our guide to peeling acrylic, you can do it. If you’d rather skip that task, you can contact us and opt for our “peel and sort” service for a fee of $20, plus $0.50/piece. Note: as of late Feb 2018, this service adds 2.5 weeks to the delivery time.