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We have had our inserts for about a week now. I have been meaning to email you to let you know how happy we are. They are the best thing we have ever purchased for our kitchen! Thank you for everything
- Stephanie D., Toronto, Ontario

Thank you so much. The drawer inset is perfect, see attached photos. We couldn't be happier with the product and your service. Every step along the way you were there (even knowing that they had tried to deliver it before us) I hope your business has remarkable success because you deserve it. Kindest regards, Peter
- Peter M., Victoria, Australia, 16 June 2015


Your product arrived without issue, fit like you designed it to do. Very pleased, and most importantly, it was a great online experience.
- Doug H., 1 November 2018

We have been thrilled with our Orderly Drawer so far. It's been a life-changer and we're still adjusting to the fact that we found out we had over 20 cheese knives hidden in our old messy drawer! Great product and looking forward to ordering more soon.
- Mark T., Seattle, WA, 21 October 2018

Another perfect fit. This is our third set and We'll order more if we move again.
- Jeff B., Broomfield, CO; 11 March 2017

This was one of those rare occasions where a product not only exceeded our expectations, it was better than we could have imagined. It fits perfectly and is so much better than our system before. We love the inserts.
- Rob C., Littleton, CO, 27 January 2017

I have been meaning to email you. I absolutely LOVE my inserts and will be placing another order soon. Very high quality work - and the process was so easy. Here is a photo of my happy craft drawer!
- Karen G., Milwaukee, WI, 2 December 2016

Our inserts are perfect! Once I find a sideboard for my dining room I am gonna build another one. Thank you!
- Terri R., Houston, TX, 18 September 2016

I've received them all. Thanks. I really don't have any recommendations for you. I think that they are perfect. I actually have noticed and improvement in quality over time. I like how the dividers are notched to aid in placement. This is my third place that I've ordered them for. I can't imagine not having them!
- James E., Rogers, AR, 30 July 2016

Hi - just wanted to let you know that I received the drawer insert yesterday, and I totally love it. It's just the right thing for all my cooking utensils!!! Thanks so much! I will definitely order more of these. I also want to mention that I think your service is great. You did a great job keeping me updated on the status of my order.
- Kelly R., Winthrop, WA, 8 June 2016

Thanks! It just arrived today, and we love it!!! It's a perfect fit!
- Andrea J., Alexandria, VA, 9 Mar 2016

Yes, the insert is perfect!!! Really makes life easier when you are organized! Happy New Year.
- Judi A., Portola Valley, CA, 5 Jan 2016

Its is awesome--better than the custom inserts that were ordered with our cabinetry! Thanks much.
- Eric E., Glen Mills, PA, 2 Dec 2015

Received today and installed. Absolutely perfect fit. Glad that I decided to go this route. Thank you.
- Eugene L., Normandy Park, WA 2 Dec 2015

The insert is in place and looks fantastic! We have received many positive comments from friends and have referred them to your website. Thanks for the great craftsmanship!
- Dave O., Greenville, SC, 15 May 2015

The organizer is beautiful. I'm completely pleased and will order more when I decide on the specific configurations. I asked one of the guys who works for my contractor if he could make me one and he just laughed and said, "You know how many hours I would have to put into that?" BTW, for some reason, I assume it was faulty measuring on my part, the insert was about 1/16 too large. Asked the same worker to bring a belt sander and he quickly took a skosh off one side. Problem solved. Thanks for the follow-up. You'll be hearing from me as soon as I'm sure which drawers I want to put specific items in.
- Hannah H., North Bend, OR, 12 Feb 2015

We received it and we love it. My wife is thrilled. She really didn't know what I ordered until we got it. It was a big hit. Fits in the draw perfectly and the configuration is exactly what we needed. I'll be putting in another order in the next few days.
- Mark R., Larkspur, CA, 12 Feb 2015

I have attached a photo of how perfectly the first drawer ended. The cabinet guy was to make 1 wide top drawer for me, instead made two small ones. So your company has allowed me to beautifully remedy a situation I almost shot someone for. :-).
- Melva G., Bayamon, PR, 10 Jan 2015

We received the custom drawer organizer and it is perfect for my husbands great grandmother's silver. Could not have accomplished this any other way.
- Kathy B., Cambridge, MA, 17 Dec 2014

The first order arrived, fits perfectly and makes the silverware drawer look AWESOME! That's why I'm ordering another for the other side of the island.
- John H., McDonough, GA, 10 Dec 2014

Thanks! Everything is perfect. My house mate's response after she saw the newly organized drawer was "Awww! Our house is so pleasant!" I thought that was a win. Thanks again!
- Stephanie J., Ann Arbor, MI, 11 Mar 2014

I was very impressed on the quality and the inserts look like they were part of the original drawers! I will make sure folks are aware of your company. Thank you for the prompt service and superior quality of work.
- Barbara G., Allen, TX, 8 Oct 2014

Yes, the order arrived. Everything is great. I now have 19 or your drawer inserts--5 at my office and 14 at my home. I feel like an orderly guy. Thanks,
- Ted K., Saskatoon, SK, Canada, 26 Sept 2014

We received the drawer last week and it's perfect! Very well made and fits perfectly! Thanks for your help!
- Anne J., Birmingham, AL, 22 Sept 2014

My drawer insert did arrive and I've put it to good use. I am adjusting it still from time to time but it's exactly what I wanted. Thank you for such a nice quality product! I am very pleased with my purchase. Your attention to your customers is top notch as well. Thank you so much!
- Kathy M., Kenosha, WI, 9 Sept 2014

Having 12 inserts in as many drawers in our kitchen has made cooking, baking and eating so much more fluid. Everything has a home so no more searching swearing searching swearing searching for the garlic press, the corkscrew, the toothpicks, yada yada yada... I really am a very happy cook now. And there is a LOT to be said for being free of the junk drawer. Oh, we still have the stuff that belongs in a junk drawer, but now it's in a headache-free organized space. What amazes me is how many of my family and friends, who notice me being able to work in the kitchen so efficiently, have not yet taken the time to order these for themselves.
- Mary Ann G., West Hartford, CT, 23 Aug 2014

It was worth the wait!! The drawer insert is perfect. I actually have kept your packing slip beside my computer so that I will remember to go online and give you and your product a positive review. The drawer insert fit perfectly, was exactly as drawn, is very sturdy and of good quality. The movable dividers help to customize the slots even further. The cut outs on the dividers allows for using the maximum depth of the drawer. Many thanks for this great product. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time.
- Heather S., Vancouver, Canada, Dec 2 2014

Yes, we received the inserts in time for the rush of cooking and house guests that took place around the holidays. They are fantastic! I can't believe how much more we can fit in our drawers and yet they don't look the least bit crowded. We are both incredibly impressed with your business and recommend you often. I can't think of a single thing I would suggest for improvement, and I'm not easily impressed. Thanks again for a fantastic product!
- Lisa C., Stuart, FL, 11 Jan 2014

They are FANTASTIC !! The holidays have kept us quite busy, but as soon as they arrived we could not wait to install in the drawers and everything turned out great. We are very happy with them, and just wished we had done it a lot sooner. As far as suggestions to share, we cannot think of anything at this point. The product is of great quality and craftsmanship ! Again, thank you for working with us on the design and we are definitely letting people know about your company, as we have been showing the off. Again, many thanks !!
- Gregg S., Saint Louis, MO, 30 Dec 2013

I got it and it's perfect! I can actually find my silverware now. I really like that it is adjustable so I can make some spaces bigger or smaller, and it is actually cheaper than the one my cabinet manufacturer sells.
- Cheri V., Cortez, CO, 30 Dec 2013

We are super happy with the drawer insert, thank you so much! The quality is even better than I anticipated and it has revolutionized my utensil drawer. (No more big mess of forks knives and spoons) Thank you so much for your follow-up. Your product and customer service is exceptional.
- Jen S., Manasquan, NJ, 11 Dec 2013

Everything so far has far exceeded our expectations. I have four sons and they all enjoy setting the table now. They all think the inserts are cool. Our junk drawer is no longer a black abyss of nothingness. All kidding aside, I myself am a tradesmen. I take great pride in what I do at work and admire those also who take their craft seriously. Your inserts show the type of craftsmanship one should be proud of. I have shown everyone that has come to my house our inserts like a proud new father. Thanks again for a great American made product and look forward to doing business with you in the future. If you have any company logo T-shirts I would proudly wear it and hopefully send some more business your way.
- Jason W., Woodbridge, VA, 28 Oct 2013

I love my custom drawer insert. It fits perfectly. Thank you for following up. - Marcia S., Waynesville, NC, 24 June 2013

Thanks so much for the follow up. Every time I open my newly organized drawer it brings a smile to my face. I've been telling everyone about your company. Hope to be purchasing another one soon!
- Michele L., Belmar, NJ, 24 June 2013

The drawer inserts were a gift for my Mom, and she loved them. They really turned out beautifully, and I appreciate that you were able to get them to me in time to wrap them as one of her Xmas presents. My mother is a person from a very humble family who survived the Great Depression (and remembers it vividly), so she favors practical rather than frivolous gifts; the drawer inserts suited her well and gave her a relatively light "to-do" task (discarding old implements and organizing her tableware). Perfect.
- Nancee K., San Diego, CA, 5 Mar 2013

All I have to say is--are you kidding me?! The drawer I ordered came in a timely manner, and wrapped like nobody's business so it would stay in one piece and not break--the drawer fit like a glove! Dividers were on point and the size was on point with the measurements. I will be ordering more soon, heck maybe I'll do something with my cabinets too!
- Mario N., Columbus, OH, 23 Jan 2013

Thank you so much! I just received the drawer inserts!!! LOVE them!!! Perfect!!!
- Tracey T., Greenbrook, NJ, 9 Jan 2013

The drawer inserts fit great. we were surprised how fast they arrived. thank you!
- Rich & Linda M., Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 20 Nov 2012

It's perfect, exactly what I was looking for to organize our measuring spoons. I could not find a premade insert for these specifications and stumbled across your web site. Thanks so much for a nice product and an easy process for getting it.
- Daniel B., Newton, MA, 30 July 2012

I couldn't be happier with them. I had so much fun organizing all my utensils and other odds and ends. The drawers look beautiful. I will probably be ordering some more for other drawers in my kitchen soon.
- Donna B., Summit, NJ, 30 July 2012

Just wanted to let you know that we received the drawer insert. We’re using it now and couldn’t be more pleased. It's a perfect fit and we love it! Thanks for all your help and patience.
- Laura S., El Paso, TX, 11 July 2012

My drawer insert arrived today. The shipping box was a bit beat up. I opened it cautiously expecting the worst, but your packing was flawless and the drawer insert is in perfect condition. That extra 'wiggle room' you build into the finished dimensions was just enough for me to slide past the screw head holding the knob on the drawer! The order arrived way sooner than I expected. I am so happy with your product and your wonderful customer service.
- Nancy D., Newton, CT, 9 July 2012's a real wonder this kind of thing isn't more widely available. I researched dozens of drawer organizers, and none of the standard ones fit my drawers, and I didn't think my drawers were odd-sized. As it is, your custom one fit like a glove, and the shims eliminated even the .0625" shifting. Plus, the custom slot configuration is great. I will be ordering more for the rest of my drawers.
- Daniel K., Simpsonville, SC, 9 July 2012

We received our custom drawer organizer today and it is just wonderful!! Attached are before and after pictures. We just moved about a month ago, so all of our drawers are a mess---we will probably be ordering a few more as soon as we figure out the best configuration. Feel free to use the pictures on your website if you like.
- R. Yura, Easton, PA. 13 June 2012

I wanted to write to say thank you to you and your husband for such an outstanding product at such a reasonable price. I wasn't expecting much when I went on to Amazon and was blown away. Thank you again,
- Jennifer E., Jacksonville, NC, 5-15-12

Our OrderlyDrawer is just terrific! We were able to get the exact size we needed; the quality of the product is outstanding; the folks who run the company are very customer-oriented. Thank you very much for making OrderlyDrawer available to us.
- Laurie B., Sacramento, CA, 26 Mar 2012

I received the draw and it fits perfectly. I really love it. Will be ordering more. :)
- Jyotsna, Edison, NJ, 26 Mar 2012

My drawer organizer arrived yesterday and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! It is just perfect. Thanks for all your help in determining the size and layout of it. Now I have to find more drawers to do…LOL
- Denise L., Northbrook, IL, 15 Mar 2012

Our drawer organizer arrived recently and I just wanted to let you know how much we love it! The adjustable compartments are such a great idea, and our flatware drawer has never been this easy to use. The drawer used to have an old divider that we made from a kit, and after a decade of use the knives and chopsticks were constantly migrating their way into other areas--- which was driving all of us crazy. This new divider keeps everything firmly in place and I smile every time I open the drawer. Thanks again!
- Sarah M., Burlington, VT, 11 Mar 2012

I was so impressed and pleased with the drawer dividers we ordered for 3 kitchen drawers. Everything is PERFECT and so well organized. Bethany was so great to work with - she has great knowledge of exactly what you need and some other things I had not thought of that I love. They fit beautifully and with extra dividers, I could really customize each drawer. Total perfection! Thank you so very much!!!”
- Patricia C., Charleston, SC, 14 Feb 12

We received the drawer insert a couple of weeks ago and we absolutely love it! It fits perfectly in our drawer and it has really optimized the usable space in the drawer that we’ve desperately needed since we got our new flatware. If I ever need another customized drawer insert, I will be sure to reach out to you!”
- Megan C., Baltimore, MD, 8 Feb 2012

I received the insert and it fits perfectly. The craftsmanship is great quality. I plan to order a couple more drawers in the next week or so. I just need to decide how I want them organized.”
- Dylan R., Washington, DC, 31 Jan 2012

My drawer organizer arrived today and, for the first time since we remodeled our kitchen 10 years ago, I have all my spices organized. The organizer fit the drawer perfectly and the quality is excellent. The movable dividers allowed me the flexibility to accommodate all the various jar sizes. I'm very pleased and I'm thinking about what other other drawers I might want to organize. Thanks so much for your help in designing the organizer; you made it easy. I have only one regret - that I didn't discover Orderly Drawer 10 years ago!
- Patricia S., Yardley, PA, 31 Jan 2012

My custom insert arrived last week and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. It fit perfectly with no extra space for it to slide around and works great. It is so nice to open the drawer and see the nice hardwood insert holding my flatware instead of the bright yellow plastic tray that has been sliding around in there for the last 20 years.”
- James F., Chandler, AZ, 27 Jan 2012

Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the organizer!! It came today and it fits perfectly. I am so excited to finally have order in that huge drawer- I wish I had known about you all 6 years ago when we bought the house! I took a before and after picture and am going to post it on my facebook with your link, maybe you will snag a few more customers. I have no doubt that I will be contacting you again soon. THANK YOU!!!!
- Martha C., Lutz, FL, 18 Jan 2012

AMAZING!! We got it and looks/works amazingly well, thank you!!! We will most probably be back for some more drawer organizers. Thanks again and happy new year!
- Mauricio D., New York, NY, 31 Dec 2011

I'm very very happy with the insert.
It fits *perfectly*, and the interior dimensions are exactly right.
The craftsmanship and materials are superb.
Thank you very much for the attention to high quality. I am highly impressed.
- John R., Palm Springs, CA, 21 Dec 2011

I LOVED the drawer inserts!!! Thank you so much, they are amazing!!! I am going to be moving to a new house in the next six months and I will definitely be calling you to do my new kitchen. Thank you again! I am SO happy!!
- Kristine P, Chicago 29 Nov 2011

I have searched for years for a new flatware holder for an odd sized long and narrow drawer, without luck.After viewing the Orderly Drawer templates I choose to modify one. I am very pleased with the organizer, it fit perfectly and I received it in a timely manner. The only thing I would have not ordered was the non slip mat. I thought the mat would be built inside the organizer, but apparently it is sold to go underneath organizers without a bottom. Since I ordered the insert with a bottom, it was not needed. I love the ability to move the slots around to fit my items and I am very satisfied with this product.
- Laurie W., Livonia, MI, 20 Nov 2011

The inserts arrived, fit beautifully, and work perfectly. My kitchen designer is going to be very impressed…I have really enjoyed the efficient and friendly dealings I have had with you. Orderly Drawer is an exceptional company offering an exceptional product.
- William W., Santa Fe, NM, 7 Aug 2011

Just to let you know that the drawer organizer arrived and is already installed – it looks great and has brought sanity to a very disorganized drawer (and me!). Thanks again,
- William C., 15 Jun 2011

Yesterday, we received our drawer inserts. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! (Please excuse my uncharacteristic gushing). They look better and work better than we imagined from your website. The fit is exact. The movable dividers are an excellent feature, and that feature is what really sold me on your product in the first place. We will definitely spread the word amongst our friends and everyone else we can. Good luck with your business. May you thrive a long time.
- Nick H, Vancouver, WA

I have my custom drawers in place…and I LOVE them!!!!
I have enclosed a photo…just because…
But here is the real win: my husband is a well-known architect in New York City. When we renovated our new home, we did not have time to include drawings for the kitchen drawer inserts. When I shared with him that I was ordering them online, he was very skeptical. But, to make a long story short, he asked me to order more. So I am going to place an order for 4 more drawers – just have to start planning.
- Betty S., New York, NY

Fabulous! Excellent! Wonderful! Need I say more???? I Love it!!!!!
- Beverly M., Boone, CO

We received the drawer insert yesterday. Thanks it is perfect for what we wanted it for. It fits the drawer like a glove, great workmanship. We will use your company again. Thanks again.
- Bill P., Elma, NY

Arrived safely and fits perfectly!! …you obviously know what you are doing…Really a very good product. Thank you.
- Susan F., Park City, UT

I just unpacked my organizer and it’s absolutely perfect! My tiny drawer now holds all our flatware and the shorter back row is perfect for baby spoons and cheese spreaders and extra mismatched utensils.
I’m really happy I found your website… it’s such a nice custom made storage solution and less expensive even than some of the plastic junk they sell in the big box home stores. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I will definitely recommend orderly drawer to my friends.
- Rebecca C., New York, NY

My drawer organizer came today, thank you for shipping so quickly. I had to write you and let you know how pleased I am. It fits just perfectly and now I can actually see what I’m grabbing for. Having the removable dividers to customize each section really makes it ideal…In fact, I’m so pleased I’m going to order 2 more organizers for my cooking utensil drawers.
- Joslyn H., South Elgin, IL

It was fun organizing and weeding out what we don’t use. It works like a champ.
- David M, Chattanooga, TN

great,very good fit,removable dividers wonderful idea,quick turn around time,very good price point.
- Richard S., Tucson, AZ

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Fits all of my utensils as well as silverware in it.
- Cheryl B., Romulus, MI

Everything was great…! Thanks. I really love having the drawers organized. I do need one more insert for the top drawer in the peninsula. I want to use it for pens, pencils, scissors, note pad, etc.
- Leslie C., Falling Water, TN

Just FANTASTIC,GREAT fit, PERFECT. Thank you.”
- Dave W., Winchester,VA

I received the organizer this past Friday. OMG–what a fit!!! I love it.
- Brenda F., APO

GREAT, quality product, good communication and quick shipping.
- Chris H., Greensburg, IN

Very nice quality drawer divider. MANY thanks!
- Denise W., Clawson, MI

Great item…easy to work with…THANK YOU!!
- George F., Davie, FL

I feel a sense of serenity when I open my drawers.
- Gwen M., Chattanooga, TN


Received, installed, and stocked with belts and ties. They look great. Thank you for such terrific customer service.
- Ken D., Brookside, NJ, 3 November 2017

Everything looks great and fits perfectly.
- Stephen R., Ambler, PA, 14 July 2017

They work very well in all four drawers...Cubby Grids are a nice addition to your product line.
- Mary Ann G., West Hartford, CT, 2 July 2015

Wanted to let you know that I received the replacement parts and installed this past weekend. I am so pleased on how everything turned out. Wish I had more drawers to do.
- Greg P., Las Vegas, NV, 19 Oct 2016


I am so very very happy with my first order ... it was for the RV as well ... the drawer where I keep my flatware and kitchen tools. Store-bought inserts were not tall enough to keep stuff from sliding into the slot next to it. Everything was a jumbled mess. The Santiago drawer insert solved my problem. I show it to people who are having the same problems. Don't know if any of them followed through by ordering one from you ... but, it they didn't they really lost out on a great product. This last year while making a lemon pie I dropped two eggs into the drawer ... both eggs broke and oozed into flatware. Cleanup was easier than I thought it would be. I pulled out all the flatware and kitchen tools then removed the Santiago insert. Because I had the insert made with a bottom, all the egg yuck was contained in the insert. It washed up nicely. Within minutes everything was back in the drawer.
- Kathy C., Milwaukie, OR; 9 August 2017

These are great. Exactly as described. Thanks.
- Carl B., Akron, OH; 11 March 2017

Thank you for the email. We love our insert. Every time I get a spoon I am filled with joy. Sounds cheesy and stupid, but it is true.
- Ian C., Layton, UT, 20 January 2017

Got my order ... FANTASTIC. Can't tell you how absolutely enthralled I am with this drawer insert. It is much sturdier than I thought it would be ... which is great. Thank you so very much.
- Kathy C., Milwaukie, OR, 25 August 2016